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May 11th, 2011, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by AMDG View Post
I think this is a very interesting question. I would guess people are reluctant to say they would force their daughter to have an abortion because they know it isn't the same as any other medical decision. Not responding to anybody in particular but it seems people want it both ways - they want to be able to say itsn't yet a real human being growing inside the 12 year old but that the same time they see something morally wrong with forcing an abortion on someone. Why? Whenever I argue that I am against abortion even for 12 year olds people jump all over me about how life threatening it is etc etc - what other life threatening "condition" would you let your 12 year old refuse to treat?
I doubt anybody would throw out the whole "her body her decision" line if we were talking about having one's apendix removed or getting braces. I remember when I was about 12 my parents telling me I needed to get braces - I told them I didn't care and I thought my teeth looked fine and would they please just give me the money to use for something else. Absolutely not they said - you will thank us later and when you are adult you will be glad you have nice straight teeth! They were right and nobody now or then would jump up and down and claim they were wrong because it was "my body, my decision."
I'm sorry, but I'm honestly failing to see the comparison between having an appendix removed and forcing a 13 year old to have an abortion.

Sure, my daughter might not like the discomfort of having her appendix removed but 1) it could potentially save her life 2) I'm pretty sure, although not 100% positive, that she'll emotionally heal from a 1 hour surgery.

However, I'm not so sure she would emotionally recover from being forced to have an abortion.

As far as life threatening conditions go, and I'd probably have to research more, but I would think it's possibly illegal to not treat your child for a life threatening illness.

Here's a recent case where the mom was sentenced for not giving her autistic child meds for his cancer.

Jury convicts mom who withheld cancer meds - Health - Kids and parenting -
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