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May 12th, 2011, 07:35 AM
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Originally Posted by New Mama View Post
I'm sorry, but I'm honestly failing to see the comparison between having an appendix removed and forcing a 13 year old to have an abortion.

Sure, my daughter might not like the discomfort of having her appendix removed but 1) it could potentially save her life 2) I'm pretty sure, although not 100% positive, that she'll emotionally heal from a 1 hour surgery.

However, I'm not so sure she would emotionally recover from being forced to have an abortion.
I'm sorry, I think you completely missed my point. I agree with you! Having an abortion, at any age, for any reason, is very serious because the person is ending another person's life.
Most people who are pro-choice claim that it is not a life being destroyed and that, especially early on in the pregnancy, it is an easy procedure that is very safe and could save a young girls life.
Hmm..sounds similar to an appendix - not destroying a life, relatively easy procedure, and could save the young girls life. (it is not always an emergency surgery, so I just say "could save")

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