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May 12th, 2011, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by sandyjoys View Post
I wouldn't force her, but I would strongly encourage it. I would talk to her about the ramifications of going through a pregnancy at such a young age, her social standing, becoming a mother when her body hasn't even finished maturing yet... if she decided she couldn't do it, then we would talk about adoption. And my heart would break every step of the way.

One of the reasons I'm glad I have boys (not that boys are any less responsible, but at least they don't have to have the medical procedures, no matter what they choose).
A girl can only be knocked up once (at a time). A young buy can impregnate dozens of women at once, and they are no less responsible for those babies than a young girl is.

I would not force any child to have an abortion. However, if my child wishes to bring the baby home and have her considered the mother, she will have 0 social life. She will do all the activities required to graduate and get into college. But there will be very little outside of that until she is 18 and I will look after the baby at home during the day and while she does home work, after that, it's her responsibility until she goes to school the next morning, and all weekend. I am not sure how I would put responsibility on the father of the baby at this point, would probably have to sit down with his parents to discuss finances, because they're just as responsible for him as we are for her.

if this were my son and not my daughter and her parents wanted to keep the baby, we would take responsibility as his parents for 1/2 of the costs of raising the baby (diapers formula, basic clothing etc...) However, at 16 our son could theoretically get a job, and at that point he would start paying for the baby not us.

If this is not suitable to her, her father and I will raise the baby as her sibling. I will not even mention adoption unless she (and or he) was to bring it up first. I do not think I could handle knowing my grandchild was out there somewhere being raised by someone other than us, especially since that time line of 12-15 year old kid puts me into my mid 40's, still young enough to raise a child.

I have the semi unique ability to actually tell my kids what an abortion choice, and procedure are like. And I could prolly put a spin on it to make it seem no big deal in either direction.. however, I would try and talk my child out of wanting one, knowing that almost 6 years later I wish I wouldn't have had mine (even tho the babies wouldn't have lived anyway).
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