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May 12th, 2011, 10:04 PM
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Hi Ladies!

My son has had body odor in his armpits only since he was 2 months old!!! My pediatrician said that it may be a pituitary problem, which makes him produce too much testosterone, or too much growth hormone. She said to keep a watch on his testicles and body hair. If his testes get abnormally large and he has an abnormally heavy amount of body hair then they would start to worry, but otherwise its a phase, and maybe he'll grow out of it!! It still worries me though. He doesn't have any of those other symptoms, but his body odor is like a grown mans!!!!!! I hope its just a "phase". I'm thinking of requesting blood work as much as i hate it, to test his hormone levels, just to rule it out before maybe something goes on unlooked at for too long!! Good luck!
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