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May 13th, 2011, 01:59 AM
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Hun, when i first got pregnant i was 16 also and it was unplanned. Its natural to be scared, but when you actually are then you must discuss and take alot of time to think about what to do next so you wouldnt make decisions that could make you feel bad for a long time. Either way / abortion or keeping the baby, it will change your life. Just think about the pros and cons and think what would make you more happy.
Well thats when you Are pregnant, but to be honest then i doubt it. PMS and PR signs are about all the same. Dont bad thoughts now. Start thinking about your future when the doctor and the test says that you are pregnant first. If you are not then maybe next time try not to have unprotected sex to avoid that stress you are experiencing right now. Dont worry both ways you are welcome here and we support you
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