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May 13th, 2011, 01:10 PM
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Hi Megan! I have been stalking the Siggies section a lot lately trying to decide who should undertake my "tall-order". You do amazing work! I am in love with the horse siggy a few posts above this one. Gorgeous! If you want this "project", it's all yours..

The theme I'm wanting is Easter. I would love for it to say something like "First Easter Egg-hunt at our new home" along with this date: April 24th, 2011 (very small) thrown into the picture where-ever. I don't want to go with the "Easter bunny theme" though. Would much rather go with nature/spring-time (birds, butterflies, flowers)

*If you could just please make sure to throw this pic in somewhere. But do feel free to crop the wall out of it and to make it very small and off to the side/background somewhere.

The rest of these pix are your choice as long as I get one of each of the 3 kids with their initial (all swirly and pretty) near or on them. Both the girls are "H" and the boy is "J". You don't have to use quotes around them unless you think it looks better. I think it will probably look better without the quotes personally but it's hard to say for sure. I left the pictures intact (not cropped) even though in a few of them one child looks good and the other one is looking in the other direction. I wanted to let YOU crop them down (lol) because when I tried to crop them down to JUST show the nicely posed child, the pic got super grainy)

Also, could you integrate this quote in somewhere? I kind of envision it flowing through the wind:
"The air it smells so sweet. The birds go, twitter tweet."

My favorite colors are peach (not pink), any shade of purple, and teal however it will not bother me if you use other colors instead.

Lastly, I don't want my name in there or anything. Just the "First Easter Egg Hunt at our new home" with the date stamp, the quote, and the children's initials.

If you don't want this LOL, I'll understand, and I can post it in FFA
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