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May 13th, 2011, 02:46 PM
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Wait what happened at the apt? Why do you feel like a failure? You sound like you are doing a GREAT job!
I just had an apt as well... I am up to 134lbs. Watching the numbers rise make me really nervous.

ALTHOUGH my new yoga CD came in the other day. I did an hour of yoga on Thurs and did 30 min of yoga and 30 min of cardio today. I wont work out on weekends, so I am happy to say that it is already Friday LOL! I feel like I am starting really late in the game, but I NEED to keep up with it. My bradley instructor is hassling us to get our butts working out for the baby. (I feel like I am doing it for myself a little bit though)
At least you found a class that works with your schedule. Have you thought of doing hypnobabies home study course? I guess it is too late now that you have signed up for other classes, but that could of been a posibility. I think any method works fine. I believe you end up doing what YOUR body wants to do during labor, not what your instructor said. The classes just help you prepare. So no matter what class you get, its good you are taking them

Although my Bradley class has been helpful with my diet. Surprisingly it has changed my diet to the extreme. I now make sure to eat as much protein as I can, and since protein makes me less hungry, its almost HARD to eat. They give us this pink sheet that maybe I can copy and give it to you. I still eat just about 2000 calories, but somehow I get 100 protein, my fruits, veggies, milk products, vit c, fats, and grains in all at once! So let me know if I could possibly make a copy and get it you. (Incase your class didn't give you one)
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