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May 14th, 2011, 10:36 PM
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So sorry I couldn't get on yesterday and today I was gone all day at a women's retreat! So all went well yesterday but was kinda stressful! First, it started off with the same nurse we had listen to the heartbeat last time when it wasn't there...Of course she is saying all the same things she did before "I'm not really good at this, especially when you're early...the baby is so small at this point..." and my husband is immediately freaking out even though she only tried for like 1 minute. She goes and gets another nurse who searches and searches and searches...meanwhile my husband is filling with tears, taking his glasses off, almost hyperventilating omg it was horrible...all the while I'm sitting there wanting to cry but feel like if I do all hell will break loose and I need to be strong for him! So finally after like 15 minutes (literal, not exaggerating) we hear it for a quick 2 seconds...well me and the nurse hear it but my husband doesn't, and the nurse wants to hear it for longer but she keeps searching and can't find it again. So onto the dr, she tries for like 1 minute and we finally hear that glorious heartbeat for about 30 seconds straight, at which point my husband has color back in his face LOL. Once the nurse had found it for that 2 seconds, I was able to relax because I know what I'm listening for and totally heard it, so I knew it was there but hubby did not hear it at that point yet. So long story short, it took 3 people and 20 minutes but we FINALLY heard that little heartbeat!!!! I feel better now and am counting the days to our 18 week u/s to find out the gender!
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