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May 15th, 2011, 03:40 PM
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Week 18 rolls along...this is mostly X-posted from my DDC:

Had my biweekly appointment on Friday, including my first transvaginal u/s to see if my cervix is behaving. The highlights:

1. This appointment was with the peri who delivered Jim, so we brought Jim along with us. He was an angel throughout the appointment, I was so proud of him! The doc was happy to see Jim (he said, "He's a lot bigger than when I last saw him!) and the nurses were super nice to him too.

2. This was my first transvaginal ultrasound. It wasn't nearly as weird as I thought it would be, and you get really good pictures of the baby that way, or at least, the part near the cervix, which in my case was her head. I found it less awkward/creepy than having a speculum up there--it's more narrow and not designed for cranking you open, KWIM? Anyway, my cervix is still looking good, so I'm still on track to be the most boring high-risk pregnancy ever, which is my goal!

3. The tech said baby looks like she's got really long legs (DH is 6'3" so I'm not surprised!) and she was laying on her back and kicking her feet up towards the top of my uterus.

4. I asked if the progesterone shots could be causing mood swings and explained that Monday I spent all day crying, but that now I feel fine. He said that it's entirely possible that they're causing me to be more moody, since PMS time is when your progesterone spikes. I also told him that when I was on the mini pill (which is all progestin) that it made me nuts. He said that in general they say there's no side effects to the progesterone shots but that mood swings really could be and issue with them. He said none of his patients have ever raised it with him before but that since their shots would have mostly worn off by the time they come in, it doesn't surprise him that they might not have brought it up before. And he said he'll probably ask his patients about it in the future. Then he said that the other way to get progesterone is through pills or gels that you use every day, so we could try that instead, but that the shots are better studied for preventing preterm labor. And then he said, "So, do you want a spike of hormones, or do you want high level of hormones all the time?" And I said, "Yeah, I'll take the spike for now and see how it goes a few more weeks." He also said that as pregnancy progresses, your natural progesterone level decreases, so hopefully the moodiness will decrease too.

Today is Sunday and I'm definitely feeling the effects of the progesterone. I feel angry and sad for no apparent reason. It's not pretty. Meanwhile, DH is a mess because of his mom--he went to her house about 10 days ago while she was gone to rescue some family photos from her hoard, and discovered everything in the basement is mildewed and everything in the garage has been chewed through by rats. He said he should have had a respirator on in there. He was pretty shaken when he got home and has been trying to process his feelings ever since, which means, he's been useless in supporting me through my hormone-induced crazy.
~Beth in Seattle

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