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May 15th, 2011, 11:24 PM
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Lets say abortion is illegal

Lets say we cant give girls under 18 BC pills

Lets stop handing out condoms

Lets ONLY teach abstinence

Lets cut medical care for low income

Lets cut WIC and TANF and Food Stamps

DO PEOPLE NOT SEE HOW THIS IS COUNTER PRODUCTIVE????? People want to say YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS BABY NO MATTER WHAT, but then they dont want to make allowances to help take care of it OR get this, to allow people to help PREVENT THE CHILD FROM BEING CONCEIVED!!!!!

Of COURSE in a perfect world NOBODY would have sex until they were ready to have children, and NO children would be conceived unless they were ready and healthy, but its NOT a perfect world.

The govt and people in general are SO FREAKING CONFUSING and COUNTERPRODUCTIVE!!!!!

Sorry for all the caps, this topic irritates me terribly. I HATE HATE HATE abortion, but I know that its a necessary evil in todays world because its NOT a perfect world where everything is all sunshine and rainbows.
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