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May 16th, 2011, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Mom2Froggy View Post
Do you know what a tragedy that would be to do all that?

First, they should hand out birth control to those underage. It prevents pregnancy, and allows them access to services when their parents won't take them. More kids getting pregnant would be a HUGE problem. Not to mention kids not being protected can make the STD rates to skyrocket. They also do their services at a discount, in some places a greater discount than what doctors would do them for. This HELPS people who otherwise cant afford healthcare, and need things like a pap smear (which they do a lot of. They do a TON of services for woman, abortion is not in the majority of their services).

Abortion restrictions lead to an increase in self-performed abortions. An increase of kids on state funded care. An increase in women needing state care. This leads to a girl having a kid shes not ready for, and it can affect the child for life, leading them into a cycle of poverty themselves. There are TONS of kids in state care already, so the simple "just choose adoption" won't work, because there simply is not enough homes for the kids that already need to be adopted, or would be placed into adoption if abortion is outlawed. Our education system is already shot to ****. Classrooms are so crowded, and making woman have kids and placing them into an already shot educational system would make our schools WORSE.

I know people hearing these problems will simply say "Well dont have sex if you can't deal with the consequences." That isn't practical. It will NEVER work. It will NEVER happen, so it's a useless point to make. People have sex. End of story. Once people accept that, and then deal with the repercussions of such in the best way possible, it would be awesome. The best way possible does NOT mean defunding planned parenthood, or making abortion illegal. It does NOT involve taking away birth control.

It means providing support and resources for all ages and walks of life, of which abortion is included as a resource.
I agree with giving teens birth control, but here in Indiana, they do it without parent's consent and that is not cool. I had to take BC as a teen because of irregular periods myself.

If someone doesn't want a baby, use contraceptive or don't have sex. But unless it's for medical reasons, abortion shouldn't be used, in my opinion. That's why adoption is there. I think it's sad when there are so many couples unable to have children yet women decide to abort their unborn baby just because they can't handle another one or can't afford another one. Give the child to someone who can afford it. Now if the mother is in danger then maybe... that's a reason, depending on the danger of course.
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