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May 16th, 2011, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by godzgrl4evr View Post
I agree with giving teens birth control, but here in Indiana, they do it without parent's consent and that is not cool. I had to take BC as a teen because of irregular periods myself.

If someone doesn't want a baby, use contraceptive or don't have sex. But unless it's for medical reasons, abortion shouldn't be used, in my opinion. That's why adoption is there. I think it's sad when there are so many couples unable to have children yet women decide to abort their unborn baby just because they can't handle another one or can't afford another one. Give the child to someone who can afford it. Now if the mother is in danger then maybe... that's a reason, depending on the danger of course.
My daughter is the result of condoms failing and we not noticing the condom break. Contraceptives DO fail. I have the mirena, and even that could fail!

As I said, the "don't have sex" isn't logical. Have you always had sex with one end-result in mind, the result of pregnancy?

Plus, you can think it's sad all you want. You are entitled to. But there are already kids in the system. There are already kids that need to be adopted, and aren't. Why can't those that need to adopt choose kids already in the system, and not wait for their perfectly healthy baby from a pregnant girl? Seems selfish to want to limit abortion when so many kids are already in the system.

What if I said it was selfish of you to TTC when so many kids are in the system already? Why can't you adopt? What if I took your statement, turned it around and said:

"I think it's sad when there are so many couples unable to have children yet women decide to keep trying to conceive instead of adopting a child already needing a home, just because they can't have a biological child of their own. Get the child from someone who is already pregnant and not wanting the child."

Not a very nice statement, is it?
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