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July 28th, 2006, 03:25 AM
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Hi all! I am due in December and won't be feeding my child baby food for some time but I'm getting a head start on things. How many of you make your own baby food and how do you do it? It doesn't just consist of mashing up carrots does it? I'm new to this and would love any information one can provide. Thanks.

Pretty you have to cook them first...I got a book from the library about it, there are websites to look at like, im sure you could google it...Its really simple and fun.....good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!
Yeah...what she said.

I make my own baby food - it's soooo easy. Just be careful about carrots - is a site that I use a lot; read their article on making carrots. Good luck!

Dont worry about the carrots too much...all foods have nitrates in them...and if you wait till the 6 months or whatever they say that the baby will have the proper stuff to digest the nitrates, they also say the whole blue baby thing isnt as common as people tend to believe....but when i made mine i just tossed any water that was in the pot out and rinsed them off good just for my own piece of mind..
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