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May 16th, 2011, 07:25 PM
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Thanks ladies! I'm not too worried about curiculum for now. I have been squirelling away stuff for years now to eventually homeschool. I have most of pre-k through 4th grade covered LOL (as I have been teaching those grade levels and saved everything I could get my hands on - including text books that were being replaced - I have a ton of readers!). I am more worried about the day to day stuff. DH has been home since the girls were born and we are holding our own. He isn't confident about teaching the girls and doing lessons, and I really don't want to continue working in my current job. We have just had so much trouble finding a good job for DH that will let me quit mine. We have pared down as much as possible since DH left his job and we have been able to put away a little bit and live happily, so we've got that covered. I have started using cupons like crazy too to save money on groceries. I just worry about how we will cover health insurance if Dh can't find a job that offers it. Thanks for all the info though! I like the idea of working from home and have toyed with tutoring in the evenings too.

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