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May 17th, 2011, 05:39 AM
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I was just going to ask what model that carseat is It looks great!

The Chicco is great too! I would definitely be ready for company to go home after a weekend like that one too!

You can always pre-register at both hospitals - it's not like they're going to charge you for not going to one or the other.

My weekend was a long one. Tim had Thursday off so that we could go to our orientation class at the birth center. That was definitely not what I expected. It was more "in case you might like to go to a birth center, this is what one is" than what we expected - "since you've decided to come to the birth center, here's what you need to know". So that was weird. Dalton went with us and had a really good time touring the rooms. There are 3 midwives in our area (one that just started), and all the other couples with the exception of one going to the new midwife are going to the one that we don't see. It was weird. I suppose there could've been a better way for me to word that

On Friday we both had the day off and we tilled and planted our garden. We also picked up some of Dalton's birthday gifts and a new birdfeeder and birdseed for him. He loves birds and thinks it's so cool to give them food. It's adorable.

Saturday, Dalton came down with a cold. Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night I sat up holding him so that he could sleep because he kept waking up with all the congestion. He's feeling better, but it's very tiring to keep up after a sick kid and work full time. Tim and I also started getting the cold too, but are warding it off with garlic supplements. Saturday and Sunday we watched movies and hung around the house with the boy who didn't feel good. It was nice to relax, but I would've prefered it without the sickness!
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