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May 17th, 2011, 11:40 AM
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I won't subject you all to my lunchmeat rant again, but to reiterate I think the warning is way overblown and I have eaten lunchmeat whenever I want this whole pregnancy. AND sushi. Getting high-quality lean protein and nutrition is a lot more important to me than slightly reducing an already tiny risk of Listeria. I have just avoided unpasteurized soft cheese (and it did pain me to forgo the queso fresco on my tacos when I was in California a few months ago...)

I also have had a Dr Pepper or green tea now and again, and have sipped wine and beer (just to have a taste, not enough to notice). But from my research, I don't see any problem with that amount of caffeine or alcohol, so I don't feel naughty.

Oh I've also had raw cookie dough that had raw eggs in it not a specifically bad thing for pregnancy per se, but salmonella is never fun... then again I've never had a problem from raw dough or batter and I *LOVE* it, so I just couldn't resist

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