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May 17th, 2011, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Rachel View Post
♥ Do not ever (and I mean ever) sit in one of these chairs. If you do, you will be the laughing stock and brunt of jokes for your entire family for many years to come. Should you ever get pregnant again, you will be reminded of "that one time, you had to roll out of the camp chair" over and over again.

♥ Don't take a hot bath while you're home alone. You might end up sitting there for a few hours waiting for help to get out.

♥ You will pee your pants and think your water broke. It's OK to go to L&D anyway. No one will laugh at you (well no medical professionals anyway).
I sat in one of those chairs but it had the foot rest attached yeah it flipped over backwards on me it was at a BIG family gathering for one of brett's sisters college graduation.

I would say make sure if you have any concerns you talk to your dr and make them really listen.

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