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May 17th, 2011, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Brittanie View Post
I was just going to say, don't tell your husband that! lol
Originally Posted by Rachel View Post
I'm, um, gonna keep Neely in the dark about that one, OK?
Originally Posted by mandy5586 View Post
Nope. I will definitely not be sharing that with DH. He would be all too willingly to help ripen my cervix as fast as possible, LOL
Yeah, I got burned on this one... I read it while sitting next to Tim. I started cracking up laughing, he looked at the computer screen. He's been giving me reminders and suggesting practice on a regular basis

Originally Posted by Rachel View Post
Funny story, sort of related.

Last night we were watching TV and a commercial for the sweet/sour Twizzlers came on. I said "I want to try those." Neely says "if horse manure was sweet and sour, you'd want to try it." I said "I don't think I'd ever eat horse manure." He was quiet for a minute and then said "hmm, I'm sitting here wondering if there's a way to make my semen sweet and sour."

I clobbered him with a pillow.
Ok so you know how I'm really curious about stuff, and look up pretty much anything that crosses my mind... there IS a way - it's all in the diet. But yeah, I totally learned my lesson from the cervical ripening business and am NOT sharing that one with Tim
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