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Week 7

Well, the yeast infection is gone and my anxiety has gone down a little bit. I have been getting more and more used to the idea of having two. It's still kind of weird because I don't feel AS connected with this little bean as I did with Eli. Sometimes I even forget I am pregnant (thus the lack of updates ).

My cravings AND aversions have started! Yesterday I wanted pizza SO badly! I ordered one for myself and DH ordered one for himself too. I got chicken, bacon, and onions and it was SOOO good. Well this afternoon for lunch I went to heat up some leftovers and the onions almost had me gagging! I had to take them all off!!
Today all I have been thinking about is a peanut butter milkshake from this one little mom and pop place in the SMALL college town we lived in...... so frustrating!

I haven't really been nauseous as much, but I have been extremely EXHAUSTED! I feel like a bad mom because I don't play with Eli on the floor nearly as much. Most of the time I veg on the couch and talk to him/watch him from there. I can't wait til this fatigue lightens up. I was the same way in the first tri with Eli.

On another note, I am still soooooooo anxious about my first appointment. It won't be till the first of July and I will be 15 weeks! I am just praying that everything goes smoothly until then. Also, I figured out that I will be 18 weeks on our 2 year wedding anniversary!! Finding out gender would be an AWESOME present

eli grey [9.15.10]
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