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May 17th, 2011, 02:27 PM
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Back with measurement calculations.

arms down 1 inches from Mar 20
chest @armpit - inch from Mar 20, 2 inches from Feb 14
chest @bra line down 3 inches from Mar 20, 5 inches from Feb 14
waist down 1 inches from Mar 20, down 4 inches from Feb 14
@belly button down 4 inches from Mar 20, 6 inches from Feb 14
hips = down 3 inches from Mar 20, 4 inches from Feb 14
thighs down 1 inches from Mar 20
calf gained inch?

I had made a mini goal that once I got to 145 I would order a running skirt from, but then couldn't quite justify spending the money right now. Well, today I weighed in at 146 and I stumbled across a post on a running forum selling a skirt that's only been worn once. So psyched! I bought it for almost half of what I would have payed for it. It's in my goal size so now I got big motivation to work hard so I can wear it for my race. It's a camo colored skirt with pink. Camos not usually my thing, but it kind of looks like it'd be fun to wear. Now I got to kick things in high gear so I can get this last 10 lbs off and fit into this bad boy for my race!

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