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May 17th, 2011, 06:02 PM
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All those thoughts and prayers worked. My peri appt went great, just a whole lot longer than I thought it would be. The baby is measuring a little ahead (3lb3oz) but looks great. AFI was 13 and she's assumed the birthing position. She is head down, really low and facing my spine so no matter how hard we tried, she refused to pose for a good pic so we had to settle for grainy not so great pics. I then had an NST where after being so active during the u/s, she refused to move and they had to buzz her. All looked good though. I didn't actually have an appt with my old peri but he saw my name on the schedule and came over from the clinic to see me. He was really happy with everything including my BP which was 145/83 on no BP meds. I go back Friday for another NST and have NST's scheduled biweekly for the next few weeks.

My fetal echo I barely made it to since my peri appt took so long. The echo took over an hour since she was in such a great position they had a hard time getting good views. They had me flat on my back for that hour and I started getting really nauseous but finally the doctor came in and he said that nothing has changed with her heart. There is still a narrowing of the patent ductus but it isn't affecting the size of her heart so I don't need to worry anymore until after she is born when they'll do some additional tests just to make sure everything is ok.

So everything is great! I told one of the nurses that I was going to make it to 36 weeks and she started laughing and said she knew me better than that, but I'm thinking I need to prove her wrong.

Here are her grainy pics


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