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May 18th, 2011, 06:07 AM
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Thank you for sharing your blog I loved reading it and esp this part sounds soooo fimiliar

"When I first thought I might be pregnant, my partner suggested I should stop riding my bike. I balked at him. "What's wrong with cycling?" I asked. He said it could cause a miscarriage. I suppose if I were hit by a car (knock on wood that I won't be) then I can understand that fear, but lightweight exercise (even hardcore exercise if that's what you're used to, which I'm not!) is good for a pregnant woman! I am not suddenly going to become sedentary just because there's a backwards notion here that cycling will adversely affect me."

My MIL is Indonesian and told me a few things as well. It is my second pregnancy and I thought I made it clear last time that I do things my way. But still she gives me (good hearted though) advice:
- don't do anything active for 3 months
- take lots of rest first 3 months
- eat for 2
She is the sweetest woman, but ofcourse I will not do any of that. She told me that it could cause a miscarriage, but my OB told me the exact oposite So I just do what I feel like doing. I see it irritates her sometimes, but last pregnancy went by without any problems. (I was riding my bike 15 km a day until 30 weeks!!)
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