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May 18th, 2011, 08:57 PM
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I listen for a change. There's a difference between the I'm tired cry and the frantic cry... do you know what i mean? Has your baby ever been scared? The sound of that cry is different. So, when the cry changes over, I step in and sooth until she's calm, and then put her back down.. Sometimes It's twice, sometimes it's not at all. but it's a tool I'm trying to give her and it will make her more secure to be able to calm herself. This is SO much easier at this age than when baby is 8-10 months old and having a tantrum and pulling up. Please trust me on this. And tell DH that you are trying to HELP him by teaching him this now. It's prime time. This is baby #3 for us, and I've been thru it twice. Do it now.

I can't say much for her holding him during the day. I'd just let her do it. I do think that babies distinguish between naps and bedtime. So, I think your fine.

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