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May 19th, 2011, 06:26 AM
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Hi everyone, I'm Melinda and my 2.5 year old Luke was recently diagnosed as FTT. He's always been small, around 3-5% since birth. But he lost a pound between December and April, and dropped below 1%. His pedi sent us to a developmental ped, who wasn't very helpful. He wants Luke to see a GI if he loses anymore weight. And then Luke's pulmonologist referred us to an endocrinologist.

His pediatrician has sent him for complete bloodwork. The only thing abnormal were his lymphocytes. They came back high, but 2 weeks later they had dropped some. We go back in July for another test to see if they've dropped more.

I've been trying to add heavy cream, avocado, etc to his foods. One problem I have is that he's anaphylactic to nut and egg products, so that eliminates a lot of the food ideas that the dev ped gave us.

He loves to eat, but he tends to prefer foods like fruit, crackers, cereal. He'll eat meat, but not cheese for the most part. And he doesn't care for avocado, so I try to sneak it in with other stuff.

Anyway, I was glad to find a board for FTT
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