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May 19th, 2011, 12:27 PM
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My Story & a bit about me.

I am 27 years old, great career, good life, healthy active, in a really good place. When I was 21, I had an abortion NEVER ever second guessed it. It was the right choice for me at that time in my life.

Then I married at 22...I was married for 6 years always wanted children (at the right time), but my husband was sterile. Which we dealt with and were alright with (disappointed but OK)

Always thought Karma's a B!TCH, We were being punished for my irresponsible decisions the year previous to being with my husband.

My husband and I separated 9 months ago. I got on birth control right away. Now have been with someone new for 6 months. This man dislike children, expresses he NEVER wants child, they ruin everyones life, he would never know what he would do. Then he slightly changes his tune for about 10 minutes.... He is a big complainer about everything. Wonderful man, just always down and out that his life sucks. Which truly it doesn't. I am very positive person, silver lining to everything. Due to this difference with us, We are on rocky ground and just seeing if we want this to go anywhere. I found out yesterday I am pregnant. I am SO terrified to tell him. And I don't know what to do. Its very early of course probably 3 weeks (just went to the clinic did the urine test, going for the blood test today... But the nurse said NO Doubt I am pregnant) I sat up all night last night thinking. What is the best choice, what do I want. Abortion never jumped in to my mind, It does not feel like a option to me at all. Do I wait and tell him? Tell him right away? My Doctor said quiet a few people miscarry early on in the pregnancy.. So I am nervous to tell him, or ME to get my hopes up and then I miscarry. I am afraid he will get mad, furious.... Like I purposely did this to him. I went over last night to tell him. and I just listened to him explain how SH!TTY his life is for about 2 years... I couldn't get the courage to tell him. I am not upset about this. Its not ideal, but I am a adult and ready to be a mom (well I think I am but I also have wonderful support)

Thoughts? Opinion? Advise?
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