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May 19th, 2011, 03:55 PM
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Don't be discouraged. It will happen eventually. I've never done CIO really I've let some of mine fuss a little when they were older. I've had some that would fuss a little and then go to sleep and they would never really cry or get all upset. And Ihad others that would cry and just get more worked up. If you want to do CIO that's fine but if you really don't want to do it that is fine too. I've had some that I had to hold and work with to get to sleep and I admit I got frustrated at times when I thought of all the other things I could get done if I could just put them down and let them sleep. But I really believe they needed that extra time with me. And they did learn to go to sleep without all the work from me. And I have good sleepers now. they may wake with an occassional bad dream but nothing on a regular basis. And sometimes some of them went through a phase around age 2 or 3 where they would wake and get in our bed but it was a short phase and they went back to sleeping all night in their bed. I'm not trying to talk you out of or into anything, I just want you to know whatever you decide to do is ok. I remember being a new mom and feeling like I was doing things wrong because I wasn't doing things just like some of the books or peds said. I promise it does get better!
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