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May 20th, 2011, 06:51 AM
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Name: Molly
Children's Names: Charlie, and expecting Beau Prescott 7/23/11
Were they hospital births? Born at home? Attempted to be born at home? Charlie was born in a hospital in Kuwait. For Beau we're planning a homebirth.
What is your status? TTC? Pregnant? WTTC or done? Pregnant.
Pregnant ladies, how far along are you and how are the homebirth plans coming? Almost 31 weeks. Haven't really started the homebirth plans other than booking the midwives. We'll be doing all of that really intensively once we fly home to the States on June 11th (we're in China now finishing up the school year).

What's new in life? We get to go home to the States in three weeks!

Post a pic of your kid/s!! In my siggy.

Thank you to the SSMC makers for my beautiful siggies!

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