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May 20th, 2011, 11:35 AM
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So far the only thing I miss wine. I never drank tons, but it sure was a nice thing to look forward to after a rough day/week.

I still have one cup of coffee every day (1/2 caffeinated - mix of regular and decaf grounds).

Chocolate hasn't been a problem which is shocking because before I got pregnant I don't know that I gone a day of a my life without a chocolate fix, but I don't seem to want it now. Must mean this is definitely my husband's child - he's a vanilla man. LOL!

Everything else that is "in moderation" is all my husband's doing ... he doesn't want me using cleaners (so I have to pick up some organic/non-toxic stuff this weekend), won't agree to a Bahamas babymoon cruise because of all the "weird bugs and bacteria" in the Caribbean ... the list keeps growing with every passing week. It's okay though. I know it's just because he loves me and wants to protect me and our baby.

The one thing I've given up that I do like is Friday night happy hour with my husband at the "bar." We still go out on Friday night for dinner and drinks (drinks for him only, of course), but now we pick places that are non-smoking only. That's been a great change!
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