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May 23rd, 2011, 06:31 AM
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1. Your Name Christine

2. DH name Chris

3. Kids names and ages ALL boys Joey (15) Declan (9 1/2) Kieran (5) and baby Orry (almost 20 months)

4. Are you done or still working on that?
We are done...we WERE done after 3 but DH didn't make that doctor's appt and I saw his sweet face!! This time he made the appt when I was 7 months pregnant

5. Any other information you would like share?
We have been married 20 years this June (at 19 and 21) and *I* always thought we'd have 4 kids by the time we were 'old and 30' but waited to start until DH was finished uni. When sitting with the DH recently I said to him "Y'know if we'd had them closer together we would have had 6?" He responded with "Yeah, I know" He comes from a family of 7 and wanted 2...he was the baby! But he was adamant he be younger than his father was when HE was born. My FIL was 41 when DH was born...DH was 40 when Orry was born. My inlaws had 6 kids in 7 years and 7 years later had DH!! I actually thought we wouldn't have #4 because I miscarried at 14 weeks the year before and did NOT want to 'try again' one even knew we were pregnant until I lost it...and had to spend my birthday in the hospital having surgery. But I healed...gave us 3 months to get pg...and convinced I WASN'T I peed on that stick! We did have a REALLY hard time naming him...I think because we already had names planned for the one we lost and I could NOT use those. People think we are crazy to have guys make me feel like we don't have enough!
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