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May 23rd, 2011, 12:57 PM
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Think I'll keep a nice little thread going with updates, it's a fun project

I've had them here for almost a week now. I'm going to guess that they are about 2 weeks old. That might be estimating a little high, but I'm not real sure how old they were when the kids got them. They couldn't have been more than a week old though. So we'll go with 2 weeks. I am about 95% sure they're American Toads. But I won't be able to tell until they fully morph. Tadpoles are tricky unless they have a very distinct coloration. Most tadpoles don't though, and they don't even remotely resemble what they will look like once they morph either. American toads have all sorts of colors from a light gray to a dark brown. A few have a greenish tint to them-but they very well may be an environmental side effect and not so much an actual characteristic. I know the toads the kids have caught on the farm have mostly been a very dark gray or brown. So that's a really good possibility here.

Surprisingly we haven't lost a single one. Anyone who's ever raised live tadpoles will tell you, it's common to lose a few here and there, usually within the first couple days of changing their environment. Most tadpoles are pretty strong lil things, but it can still shock their system. These guys are all doing fantastic. At last count there were 39 in the tank. I probably missed some though, they don't exactly hold still, lol. They love to hide too. (that hideous yellow is the kitchen counter, where the tank sits, not the bottom of the actual tank, lol)
We redid their home for them, to make it more tad and froglet friendly. The rocks that were in the bottom of the original tiny tank I had them in, are in their home now.(aquarium rock). They love to burrow into it and they seemed to prefer it to the substrate that we had in there. One end has some big rocks they can hide under and on. When they start forming more buds I'll add more rocks and expand that area so they can get out of the water.
We tossed a couple dandelions in there for them. They'll help promote algae that the tads need to grow. But for the time being, they seem to just like playing in/on them, lol. There are a couple really teeny lil guys that can actually squeeze into the hole in the dandelion stems.
No growth or anything like that yet. I suspect it will be a good couple more weeks before we see any legs forming or measurable growth. But we do have some with mounds, they're really hard to see so I can't get a pic.

Today the kids worked on some life cycle stuff. I think we'll draw this project out for most of the summer. Since we're pretty much done with school for the year.(other than math and LA which get done daily, but very minimal work). After these guys all transform we're going to keep a few and release the others back out. Good rule of thumb is no more than 2 froglets per gallon in your tank. It's a 10 gallon so the most we *could keep is 20. But we won't keep that many, that's too much. Especially once they mature and the boys start with their singing, lol.(they take 2-3 years to mature).

These are just a couple pics of part of their setup, took them yesterday.


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