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May 23rd, 2011, 05:43 PM
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If you guys have any articles interviewing post 5/21 believers, I'd love to read them. I did see one interview where the guy was saying something like, it was because they were showing pride in knowing the date of the rapture, and God did not approve of that pride, therefore they have to practice not being prideful and it will come. I'm wondering if there are any out there that will actually admit that they were following a crazy man (and/or con-artist).

It reminds me of religion in general. If only you have enough faith in God, everything else that is to the contrary of your beliefs despite all the proof in the world is just explained away by God's will.

Like the Christians that denounced Camping to begin with. They would say things like it is blasphemous to predict what day the world will end, only God know that. Is it really any more crazy to believe in Mr. Camping than it is to believe God knows this secret and isn't telling?
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