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May 23rd, 2011, 07:46 PM
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Thanks! Yipes. Yeah, kinda what I thought. I have tried to teach them about punctuation, capitalization, etc., and they often do it right when I give them a worksheet with sentences to correct. But when I tell them to write a sentence on their own, they frequently do a terrible job and I have to constantly remind them of when to use capitals & punctuation. And their spelling is pretty atrocious, but I wasn't sure how much to expect at this age. Oy.

Any suggestions? I need something that will make it easy for me to teach them how to write a sentence, how to write a paragraph (if it's not too early for that?), but I'd rather not even get into all the grammar stuff necessarily. I just want them to be able to put a simple thought down on paper, and learn to answer a question with a full well-formed sentence.

Do you know of anything like this that won't take us long to make progress with??

ETA: I know I got a little distracted from the original spelling question, but not being able to spell well ties in with the whole problem of not being able to put a readable sentence on paper that doesn't look like "its moovE nit tonit aNd I cant wAte" ... lol
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