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May 23rd, 2011, 08:05 PM
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I also posted this in the recurrent miscarriage forum but her it is: This is my fist time posting here but I have a question. I have had way too many miscarriages around the 6 week mark. Anyways will all my other miscarriages there was a lot of blood (like heavy period) and a lot of clots. With a few I had a quater size bloody tissue. so I had a blighten Ovum at 6 weeks this time - was diagnosed three weeks ago. the last week the dr said everything still measured 6 weeks. On wednesday last week I started bleeding extremely heavy - like soaked 4 pads and outfits and all over my bed during the night (after taking cytotek). then last thursday I passed what appeared to be a quarter size blood filled sac - so I was thinking that was the baby and made an appt for this thursday to make sure everything came out ok. Then today I started haveing bad cramps and it would hurt to sit down - I thought it was my cervix and then thought it must be I am getting a UTI from using pads. well about 11 his morning I went to the bathroom and passed a large greyish black tissue - the size of a small lime - I called th dr office and they said that would be the pregnancy. Doesnt that seem quite large for a pregnancy that never progressed beyond 6 weeks?
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