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May 23rd, 2011, 11:53 PM
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Phonetic spelling is actually very common up to and through 3rd grade. It's not something most people worry about. Granted a lot of kids pick it up before 3rd grade. But even if your child doesn't, it does not in any way mean they are behind.

When Lissy went in for her yearly appt.(she goes in once a year for a day of various tests and also meets with all of her therapists and such, usually lasts a good 8-10 hours) last year we got a whole bunch of paperwork and pamphlets and stuff. I'm not sure where they are, I'll have to look for them. But that's one of the things we got from her therapists' office. It was actually a small booklet that had various milestones with regard to learning(reading, spelling, math, etc.). Alyssia still spells things phonetically sometimes. Most things she gets right, but not all. She's in 4th grade. She can read at an 10th grade level, she just can't spell, lol. But at least *she knows what she's writing, which is important.

I don't use any specific program. Leo has HWOT, but that's about it. Phonetic spelling as long as you're pointing out the *right way, will eventually fade. Spelling is one of those subjects that varies like crazy. Sometimes it just doesn't click for us. But spelling phonetically isn't inherently bad. It shows your child knows the sounds and knows the word-they just need to learn how to put the right letters in there. Sometimes that takes way longer than we want it to. But as long as you're not pushing them(or making a big deal of the bad spelling), while still making sure the child knows the right way, it should work itself out.

Practice is about the only thing, imo, that can correct bad spelling. Whether you use a program or not. Repetition is important and sometimes using a mnemonic device may help as well. Especially on words they get wrong a lot.
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