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May 24th, 2011, 10:38 AM
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SATURDAY! It didn't go well... he was going on about how he never wanted to be a farther, he doesn't know what all the hype is about, he doesn't like kids... He can't even care for him self and three cats... he kept asking what are YOU going to do? What do you feel? I was asking him how he feels... he just kept saying I don't know, I don't know.. I said I understand its a lot to digest and taken in, if you need a few days to think about it that is fine, I really need you opinion and thoughts it would be greatly appreciate and welcomed... He stayed over but it was so awkward.. he wasn't consoling to me.. he laid farthest away from me possible. no hugging, cuddling.. not even a arm rub... Then he left in the morning all have a great day and going to do stuff with me buddies... then he has just been texting me (no Call, No Making plans) randoms text his typical life sux speeches. "its cold out today" "My cats woke me up in the middle of the night, my night sux" "Arg I am so tired.. OH I have to help re tile" ... NEVER asking how I am how I am feeling... I asked if he wanted to go for Breakfast and talk , his reply "OH I just scarfed down 2 bowls of cereal.. I am full" I am getting so angry.. he's 29, he really needs to grow a man. then He text me yesterday NO CALL.. just text "SO what are you going to do? I know this isn't a conversation to have through text but I can't call right now" MAKE TIME?? Sunday you went out with your buds heard nothing from you all day.. besides you are shooting guns and having a great time.. good for you!!! Monday you worked and after work helped your friends girlfriend re tile her floor.. on a whyme wasn't planned...YOU COULD MAKE TIME. So I replied...

"Your right texting isn't a great way to go about talking about what WE are going to do.. Nether is a phone call... I have been thinking a lot & having a lot discussions... This isn't easy and your support & presence would be appreciated & welcomed. I know your busy & don't have a lot of spare time.. I understand that. I know you work very hard & are exhausted a lot... If we could hang out this week that would be really great. "

he's coming over tonight........
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