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May 24th, 2011, 10:54 AM
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Jessi thanks for responding - your "rambling" made me feel normal lol!

I felt a bit of movement last week, but nothing much this week. Normal I know for only being 13 weeks, but still. I'm waiting for the daily stuff! I wanted to get a doppler but again, the fear overtook me. Why spend $ on something I might not need in a few weeks? It seems like anything with any kind of permanence I am avoiding 100%.

I totally understand your car seat issue, my daughters new pediatrician is in the same building I got our last u/s with our angel boy when we found out his heart wasn't beating, & it took EVERYTHING in me to walk into that building for the first time after that. I think if I would have known the dr was in that particular building, I would have chosen another doctor lol.

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