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May 24th, 2011, 08:12 PM
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Going in tomorrow morning !!So far no worries. I feel these little burgers move all the time now !! I am sure they will check for my cervix length. I am a little concerned about how many braxton hicks I am having though... It seems like I can not do anything anymore. I went to hy vee and with in 20-25 minutes I was having them a lot !!.. Most of them are painful... So I will see what she says .,..... Will update when I get home.....Oh yeah I also have to drink that yucky orange drink ..

***Update ***

Well I managed to drink that yucky stuff . If anything is wrong she will call me tomorrow along with my iron results !!! ultrasound went great !!!! Cervix is still above 3 and fluid is good baby boy is a little chunk weighing in a 2 lbs 12 oz an baby girl is weighing in at 2 lbs 4 ozs. She is in in the 40th precentile for single baby and the boy is way up there in he 77th !!! our baby girl is now breech . But of course that does not matter and all could change .. The best part is my bp is just fine and I did not gain anything !!!!!! So right now I am at 20 lbs ! My next appointment is in two weeks . I go in at 30 and 32 weeks then I start my 1 week stress and ultrasound..

My new due date is August 5th unless I go before

alright pictures of my babies .. They could only get one of the girl...

Now baby boy


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