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May 25th, 2011, 01:08 PM
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welcome to the board! Everyone here is great and we all are very supportive of each other. I am a step mommy (our 2 year old calls me mommy) to two amazing boys ages 10 and 2, we get them every other weekend and their mom and i get along great and I am currently pregnant with my first. Although 'hubby"aka brian (we aren't married but we may as well be) and i have been best friends and have always wanted to be together since we were young teens, having the kids adjust to another woman in their lives has been difficult but moreso just in the beginning. I was introduced to corbin (our 10 year old) as daddy's friend at first mainly because I lived 2 hours away at the time (when we finally started dating after 10 years of being apart i was living 2 hours north of where we live now, i moved to be with him) so becuse we couldn't all spend every day together it was best like that for us to get to know each other, though he took to me right away, just as camden did.

At first, especially when we moved in together I wasn't sure of my place as well as far as discipline, not that we have to discipline them much at all yet, but still. I spoke to brian about this and he said, you are more of a mother to them then she is, you discipline them as they are your birth children. They are great kids, they don't act out, once in a while corb will have to be told to knock it off or we have to remind him to do something more than once but that's about it. Camden is a typically 2 year old..enough said lol!

but i would sit and talk together about your parenting styles at a time when you are both calm and cool and go from there. i think all the ladies have given great advice, welcome to the board!

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