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May 26th, 2011, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by ashtonsmomtobe View Post
I still am having trouble with parenting. I am recovering addict haven't been on any drug besides my meds for my health since february. I'm not yet 12 weeks pregnant. The baby is the product of rape. My life was never really ready for a child. I was a troubled teen drop out and jobless. But I have gotten my first job finally.
In response to this, if you feel you aren't ready for parenting, you don't have to. There are a lot of families who are unable to have children who would LOVE a baby. This might be a good idea if you feel you aren't willing to have an abortion, and you're not ready to parent. Do whatever you think is best for yourself AND your child. If you decide to give the baby up for adoption, then you can continue to focus on getting your life in order before taking on the responsbility.

My story:
My boyfriend and I had talked about getting pregnant, and I wasn't on birth control for a long time. I started thinking that I couldn't get pregnant and the month I conceived, I was planning on getting back on my birth control as soon as I got my period... Which never came, and here I am today. My situation isn't horrible, but it's less than ideal. It will all work out in the end though.

Good luck with your decision. Feel free to PM me if you just want to talk. I've had to make the decision before this baby.
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