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May 28th, 2011, 03:25 PM
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Hey Ya'll,

So the past two months have been crazy with lots of ups and downs, please read my post and pray for us. So the week of Good Friday RJ found a lump in his left boy, to make a long story short it was testicular cancer. On Good Friday the urologist removed his left boy. We followed up with him the following week and he said it was definitely testicular cancer and he sent us to an oncologist. So the whole month of May we have been seeing the oncologist every 7-10 days for lab work and follow up visits. His blood work was looking great and cancer markers were falling just like we expected them to until this past. We saw the oncologist yesterday(Friday) for an update on his lab work that he had done the past 2 wks. Well it wasn't good news like we were hoping for. His beta hcg level that had been all the way down to 0 is back up to 12.5 and his alpha fetal protein level which was going down is now hanging out around 30. More lab work was done yesterday (Friday) and we have to call this Thursday to see what those results will be.The oncologist tends to think they will be prolly go up higher and prepped us for what the chemo schedule will be. So he will probably start chemo the second full week of June and it will be for 9wks. It would be a combo of 3 different meds.First week would be Monday through Friday with him getting a combo of two drugs.Then the next two weeks he would only get chemo on Tuesdays and that would be only one medicine but different than the other two he received the week before. Once he completes that cycle we repeat it two more times. What stinks though is we have been ttc a sibling for our son, if I don't get preggo this week we will have to put ttc on hold. The hubs would likely start chemo the second full week of June. The first full week of June we are going to have to visit a fertility clinic so he can bank his sperm. So if you are the praying type, please pray for us. We would greatly appreciate it.

Love Ya,
Sarah Jane

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