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May 29th, 2011, 10:00 PM
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Okay, as many of you know we had a horrible time of trying to induce my labor the first time around. It was hours of futile pain. We had our ultrasound on Friday to assess the baby's health and got the go ahead to wait until Monday's appointment to decide what to do. But Monday would be it.

At that appointment we found out that I had not dilated anymore BUT I was 70% effaced. Once you get 100% effaced you tend to really start dilating. The doctor felt that trying for another induction would be profitable. So we decided to try it.

I got fitted with cervidil (a different pre-induction drug than the one that I had before) which gives a continuous flow of the drugs instead of in installments. A large part of my pain last time was getting checked so often for progress and inserting new tablets. They hoped that this would be more successful. The whole pre-induction process takes 12 hours.

While still being treated with the cervidil I lost the rest of my mucus plug and began to have bloody show. Then my contractions started picking up. At the end of the 12 hours I was really hoping to be either 3-4cms because then they would start the Pitocin and break my water. It was a blow then to find out that I only advanced 1/2 a cm (to a total of 2cms) and only effaced to 80%. By this time my contractions were getting very powerful and I was experiencing a lot of discomfort. My nurse was getting very concerned and kept apologizing for suggesting it, but she felt that I should get an epidural.

I didn't want to risk an epidural because it can stall or halt the induction process and i wasn't even there yet! The doctor came in and listened to my concerns and to my surprise she strongly suggested that I DO get the epidural. She said that sometimes getting the epidural and giving me a chance to relax, get some sleep, and focus on loosening up can actually ADVANCE the dilation of my cervix!

And that is exactly what happened. So there you go. My cervix wasn't dilating because I was too tense/stressed.

In about 5 hours I advanced to 4 cms. The doctor felt good about breaking my water. She gets the wand and prods the bag. I felt a wave of water and then a very noticeable "THUNK" sensation right against my cervix. The water immediately quit flowing. The doctor stares. The nurses stare. "What happened to the rest of the water?" The doctor asks. I start to laugh "His big fat head is in the way!" And, indeed, it was. His head was corking the rest of the water. It would remain lodged there the rest of the labor.

A couple of hours after this I was woken up from a nap by a bunch of very strong pressure in my pelvis and in my left side. They gave me a bonus injection of the epidural (done through a pump already connected to me). It didn't work. The pain intensified. It got so horrifically painful that I couldn't even focus on breathing. The pitocin was giving me very powerful contractions right on top of one another. I felt a HUGE desire to push. They check me and I was praying that I was a 10. I was only 5. I could not stop screaming that I *had* to push. They ramped up my epidural again. After almost 2 hours of this I was a screaming, sobbing, quivering mess on the bed. FINALLY someone thinks to check my epidural needle.

It. Was. Out.

I had to get another epidural placed. Peace and tranquility was restored. I immediately went to sleep and didn't wake up again for a few more hours. At around 6pm on Tuesday I was groggy but chatting with my step-mother. I start to feel a horrific pressure in my left side again and down in my pelvic region. I immediately paged the nurse to come and check my epidural needle. No WAY in hell was I going to go through THAT again. She checks it and says everything is fine. I press the pump on my epidural to get a little kick. As she was heading out I thought to ask about how it would feel when I'm 10cms and ready to push.

"You will experience a TON of pressure on your bottom." she replies.

"Huh," I think. "That's kinda what I am feeling now." I shrug it off and press my pump again.

About 20 minutes later I feel like I'm about to have a most embarrassing accident on the bed. I whisper quietly to my Mom "Mom...I feel like I have to go poop REALLY BADLY." My Mom, misunderstanding me, says "I'll page your nurse to bring you a bed pan or something. That's gross."

Carrie, my step-mom, says "I don't think that's what she means..." I press my pump again (I can only do it every 10 minutes, so don't think I'm overdosing at this point!) and paged the nurse. I tell her that I felt like I'm going to have an accident. She comes in and checks me.

10 cms. And baby was ready for me to push! A mere 4 hours after my water was broken.

Instantly my room was transformed as a whole crew of people in scrubs came in wheeling a bunch of equipment. I opted to not get a local anesthetic because it was easier to feel how/where I was supposed to push. I would regret this decision later.

The epidural has made me groggy and all the breathing exercises have made me quite dizzy so much of my pushing is lost in a kind of painful frustrating haze. My Mom and Toby were screaming hysterically that they could see the head and that I was really close. I got excited and demanded them to bring in the mirror. I wanted something to concentrate on. I thought that the head was halfway out or something. To my EXTREME dismay the head was barely even presenting itself. At this point I was so out of it that I almost announced that I was going to go back to sleep and for them to tell me when his head came out.

Anyway, I don't have much room to complain. I only pushed for a half an hour. But I got a nice big rip for it. Which was awful.

The baby emerged and they threw him on my chest. He was slightly purple and was twitching. But was not making a peep. I'm rubbing on his chest and back and saying "Scream baby, scream!" My Mom told me later that she was trying desperately not to panic as well. It felt like forever, but could only have been seconds, before he took his first breath and SCREAMED.

I burst into tears and clutched him to me. From there the next few hours was a pleasant rush of holding and kissing my baby, sharing him with families, testing, etc. When we finally got to lay down and go to sleep I was way too jazzed. I spent a good portion of our first night together holding Alex against my skin and singing to him

Alex is a big baby but he still looks impossibly small to me. He sucks his thumb regularly (yay! No nipple confusion!) and is already doing some impressive feats of turning with his head. I think that's because of all the Tums I downed while pregnant.

He is definitely worth everything

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