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May 30th, 2011, 03:47 PM
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Our kids are home at different times. I make all the younger ones stay out of our 17 year olds room. Period.
U don't need the younger ones going through stuff and finding "stuff" of a 17 year old boys.
The three younger ones do share but I don't require it.
I simply let them know if they don't share their stuff they must not expect the others to share their stuff either.
If usually works itself out.
Your dh buying his son a ps3 isn't the answer.
Sd8 doesn't have a wii or ps3 at out house but both my son and dh son do. Sd8 took the wii we bought her and keeps it at her moms house. Her choice.
My son (9) has the wii, ps3, psp, and dsi in his room. All were bought as gifts over the past few years and they are "his" but he shares them because they all share games.

If SD is here when bs and bd are not, I do make her ask me before using their stuff.
Same with my bios.
Problem comes up when SD wants bios stuff to use when they are here and we have already bought her The same thing but she took home to moms.
That's tough.

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