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May 31st, 2011, 10:48 AM
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Well the only "his" video gaming stuff is my oldest son's and they absolutely have to ask permission to use that. The rest of the stuff/toys is kind of fuzzy as to who it really belongs to. When they moved in, they brought nothing with them so they played with Daniel's toys. They never had to ask permission from Daniel to use his stuff and when he wants to play with something of theirs, I don't make him ask. The rule is that they can't take it away from the other child.

Will does have some things that are exclusive to him, like his MP3 player and an electronics kit that I wouldn't let the younger ones play with, but generally if no one is currently using the toy, it's fair game.

We do it this way because Will would say no to Clayton and Daniel just to be a jerk, but Clayton and Daniel would always say yes, because well, they're not Will.
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