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June 1st, 2011, 08:45 AM
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I hope she gets a test...I am thinking school is our for summer now huh?
I agree with poster above, if bf has a way to get to her to have sex with her, he should be able to bring her a test?

I dont mean to sound harsh here but someone that sounds this ill informed about such things as this, has NO business having sex with or without BC. Honey you need to get educated on what happens when sperm and egg meet and see how much it will change your parents life because it doesnt seem that you are responsible or educated enough to raise a baby. It is obvious that your parents would be the ones raising it.

Why in the world would you have unprotected sex anyway? If your BF cant bring you a pregnancy test, he probably also cant get to the dr for STD testing and you have NO idea what he could give you. Have you heard of AIDS and HIV?
I hope you get the good news that you arent pregnant and I hope going forward that you will be more responsible with your actions. If not just for the sake of the unplanned baby, for also for the sake of your health! High school boys are the worst for STD's! Dont put yourself in that position!

I think a support group should offer good advice to you and if you are in fact pregnant you can stiill get support here and we can all help you with good advice. But we can also give advice as I have above.
Good Luck with everything. And I hope to see you post about whatever happens.

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