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June 1st, 2011, 01:50 PM
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We had a situation like this come up this week.
SD8 is sad because BS9 has his own special "blue ps3 remote" that he got for his bday. the ps3 was for his bday also.
My niece (who stays w us a lot and is same age as sd) was bought a pink ps3 controller of her own just because her mom wanted to buy it
So SD8 says it isnt fair that everyone has these special remotes except her.

Backtrack to last summer at walmart when we lived in texas...DH goes to walmart w ALL our kids and ONLY buys SD8 a pink wii remote. none of the others got a special one and she would NOT let anyone use it. period.
She then took the wii and all games and all remotes to her moms house once she went back at end of summer.

Now that shes at our house all the time shes upset that she isnt the one w a special remote and feels like we should get her one.

my bs9 didnt get one "just because". He got it as a bday gift from my dad. So its "his" and if he wants to be the one to use it when they play all the games, so be it.
Althought HE could care less if the remote is black white purple brown blue or grey. As long as it works!
ANyway, these situations are usually only unfair when they affect the one child who sees it that way at that moment. Flip the situation around to the other kid and they think its fine for the others at that time.

I told SD8 that if she wanted it special then she needs to bring her wii back to our house for her room and have her special remote. or at the least bring the pink remote so she can use it herself.

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