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June 2nd, 2011, 01:08 AM
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To start with, I am not trying to get pregnant, and if I am, it is unplanned. I do realize that a test or doctor appointment is the only way to know for sure, but let's face it; I'm a broke college student who is still covered by their parent's health insurance, so until I am told that there is a super good chance that I am pregnant, I probably won't test considering my town has no dollar store, and if I want a test, I get to go pay for one at Walgreens, and I don't care to throw $20 away for nothing. However, if I am, while my parent's may want to kill my boyfriend and I, they would probably accept it in the end and could easily help financially until I graduate.
Anyways, here's a list of my symptoms so that you all don't have to keep reading my rambling:

-My boobs went from normal to SO sore in what seemed just a day. I literally just noticed in the shower one day that washing hurt a lot. They also feel bigger, full and heavy, and have pains sometimes without having to touch them at all. This is NOT typical of me. I'm very flat chested normally.
-Around the same time, I started getting pains in my head, only lasting for a minute or two. I've literally never had a headache before.
-I started feeling a little nauseous around the same time, but it was nothing I couldn't shake off.
-A week before my period should have started, I bled stringy, dark blood for a short time, like an hour but not heavy enough to go through a tampon. I spotted brown afterwards. This lasted two days then suddenly just stopped. My period is normally 5-6 days and moderate in flow.
-I always cramp very, very badly during my period, the whole time, but only had mild cramps for maybe five minutes the whole two days.
-My boobs hurt even worse after this bleeding ended, and my nausea began to intensify, and a few times, I felt sure I was going to hurl, yet somehow dis not. It always started in the afternoon, and went on and off all night.
-I am breaking out in places I have never broke out. It isn't severe, but acne is unlike me, especially on my neck and shoulders.
-My dreams have gotten so weird. I never remember dreams, and suddenly I'm having crazy ones. I have been having multiple dreams about being pregnant and having a baby, which is what made me start thinking that pregnancy could be why I had been feeling so strange.
-I pee every half an hour, and have been since a little before the odd period like bleeding.
-My veins all look dark blue, and I'm getting some that I never had before.
-I'm so moody. I can be smiling one minute, one thing gets said, and I'll just cry!
-Twinges in my lower abdomen. Fluttering, bubbling, pulling, strange feelings, but they aren't exactly painful. Just odd. And all below my naval. Also, I'm noticing that I can see and feel this little
bumb in my abdomen, maybe fist size. My stomach has always been flat. I'm 5'4 and 102lbs, so I notice any tiny change just by looking or touching.

Now currently this week:
-Nausea is getting bad. I have thrown up once, for the first time in literally years. Each time I feel nauseous, I now can't shake it. I have to sit or lie down until it passes.
-My pee stinks, bad. It never did before.
-I feel soo drained. I'm sleeping later, having a hard time waking up, after I am woken up, I feel tired again a few hours later.
-Standing too fast, moving too fast, going up stairs, it's all making me feel dizzy.
-Slightly short of breath and heart starts pounding at times.
-Sorry to gross you out, but discharge.
-Hunger right after I eat.
-Smells setting off nausea as well.
-Gums start bleeding when I brush. Hasn't ever happened before this week, ever.
-I feel warm. Like I have a fever, but when I actually have a fever, I get chills and aches. I just feel warm like I'm radiating heat from inside, and I'm typically always cold.

I THINK I have listed all my symptoms. Please be polite to me, and like I said, I'm looking for your opinion. I know you aren't doctors and can't tell me from a medical point of view. But from an experienced point of view, I would like to know what you think.
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