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June 2nd, 2011, 08:37 AM
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1) What do you call the place where you buy food and household items:
Grocery store or super market

2) What do you call carbonated beverages:

3) What's thing with wheels that you put food and household items in while shopping:

4) What's the thing you carry on your shoulder with your keys, money, phone and cosmetics:

5) Do you say y'all?:

6) Do you pronounce these words the same? (Mary, merry, marry):

7) Do these words sound the same? (pin, pen):

8) Do you pronounce these words the same way? (aunt, ant):

9) What do you call the public water drinking machine found in parks and schools?:
Water fountain

10) What do you call the thing with wheels that people push babies around in?

11) What do you call a long sandwich on a roll?
Hoagie aka Heaven!

12) Where are you from?
Orginally from Philly - now I'm all over.

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