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June 2nd, 2011, 11:20 AM
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My kids are still young (DSS is 5 and DD is 2) and don't buy any of their toys so it's not really a big issue. Meyson plays with Olivia's toys and vice versa and they receive a lot of sharing toys as gifts, like the play table and chair set that Olivia got for her birthday was meant as a toy for both of them. We do have a policy during birthday and Christmas time, when there are lots of new toys in the house, that whoever the toy belongs to gets to play with it first as long as they want to by themselves because it's their new toy, but usually this lasts for maybe 10 min at the most and then they want their sibling to play too.

I do believe that when they get older it will be a different story, especially when they start to earn or receive money gifts. If it's something that was earned by one of them, then the other would most definitely need to ask.
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