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June 2nd, 2011, 10:53 PM
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I'm updating this thread now

When I got home from my mom's on Monday I realized some of our little friends were starting to grow legs Very exciting.

They grew much faster than I thought they would.
Today the kids and I moved some of the ones with 3 and 4 legs to another tank. Actually it's just a plastic container with water and rocks, lol. They'll stay in here until they all get legs and can be safely put in the same tank(frogs eat tadpoles, hence the need to move them). We transferred about 7 or so with legs into the other tank. There are some tads who have 1 or 2 legs still in the other tank though. They're still safe being in there.
I took some pics of the few we have who have all 4 legs though We're very excited. They are SOOOO tiny and teeny, smaller than a pea. We named the ittiest one, George. don't know why, but that's his name(and it's quite likely he is a boy too, boys are smaller than girls). I'm still pretty sure they're American Toads, but at this size, I really can't tell. I tried to get some decent up close pics, but lil suckers are fast, lol. Within a couple of weeks all of our tads should be pretty well morphed. Then we'll turn their home into a terrarium and let them all grow and get bigger before releasing some out into the wild this fall.
Anyway, here's the pics

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