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June 3rd, 2011, 11:16 AM
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I'm so happy the kids brought them home. Such a fun project, and relatively easy to maintain too. Plus the kids were having fun looking up different frogs, toads and their tadpoles to see if they could identify them.

I can't stop looking at the lil things. I need to get some sort of size comparison in there, lol. They are SO dang small, but adorable, lol. I honestly expected the tads to grow a bit more before beginning to morph, but I guess not.
Watching them hop is hilarious. Because they're so tiny, they can't hop super well. Won't be long before they can, but I figure by the time they get hopping down pat we'll be moving them all into a terrarium where they'll have more room. Right now that container I have them in is covered in breathable fabric(to keep them in, and the cats out).
Leo put fish flakes in there last night, you can see some of it in the pics. I forgot to remind him they don't need food. Once they grow in their legs, they use their tail for nourishment. So we had to take most of that out which was awfully fun, lol.

The one pic the kids say makes him look like lizard, because he still has most of his tail(that's George btw).

One nice thing about them is the boys won't even begin to sing for a couple years. So having them in the house won't be an issue(they can get super loud, it's a shrill long chirp type sound). So we can safely keep them inside until they get big enough to set them free. Eventually we'll only keep maybe 4, at most. That's assuming I can sex them and get at least two girls and two boys. But I can't sex them until they get much older. It's nearly impossible, well for me since my vision is horrid, when they're really small. The only good indicator is a boy and girl side by side. A girl is much larger-and rounder. Boys, even the large ones, are much,much skinnier.
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